Intensive Price List

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Intensive pass course

This is an intensive 30 hour course spread over 2 weeks or more and the cost of the driving test is included in the fee. This is a course for those looking to learn quickly or in a short space of time. The 30 hours includes 1 hour for the driving test.

 Total: £650

Midway pass course

As with the semi-intensive course the lessons are spread over 2 or more weeks to suit you but with 20 hours of tuition. This course would suit you if you already have a basic amount of driving experience. Also included in the fee is the cost of the driving test. The 20 hours includes 1 hour for the driving test.

 Total: £450

Test Booster Course

This would suit you if you have been driving for some time but just never got round to passing your test. This is a 15 hour course spread over 1 or more weeks and includes the driving test fee. The 15 hours includes 1 hour for the driving test.

 Total: £350

Pass Plus course

The pass plus course is designed by the DSA in association with the Insurance and driving instruction industries for those people who have passed their test and is aimed at speeding up your driving experience. This is a minimum of 6 hours and can be taken as a one off 6 hour course or split into 2 hour segments. There are 6 subjects covered these are motorway driving, dual carridgeways, adverse weather conditions, country roads, night driving and busier town driving. As well as speeding up your experience you can also save a considerable amount on the cost of insurance with participating insurers.

 Total: £130