The Day Of Your Driving Test

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Test Day

Learning to drive
The day of the Practical Test

When the time to take your practical test comes round we recommend that you get a good night’s sleep and have a good breakfast.

You should ensure that you have the following documentation with you:

Your test appointment card

Your driving licence

Some other form of photographic ID

(You can check with your Instructor what is acceptable before the day of the test!!!! )

If you intend to take the test in your own car it is essential that the test vehicle meets the requirements.

You must make sure that the car you intend to drive is
legally roadworthy and has a current MOT certificate, if it's over 3 years old
fully covered by insurance for its present use and for you to drive.

The examiner will ask you to sign a declaration that your insurance is in order. The test will not be conducted if you are unable/unwilling to do so.

Please Note:

If you have hired a car it is unlikely to be insured for the driving test. You should check with the hire company before you sign the declaration at the test centre.

The DSA has pointed out that a significant number of both cars and motorcycles are being imported from outside the EEC with speedos that show only kilometers per hour (kph).

Under the Construction and Use regulations, section 35 speedometres in the UK MUST show both kph and mph.

Vehicles not complying with these regulations are unsuitable for a driving test.

Your vehicle should also display
a valid tax disc (unless exempt)
L plates (or D plates, if in Wales) displayed to the front and rear.

Your car must also have
a fully functional seat belt fitted to the front passenger seat
a head restraint fitted to the front passenger seat
an additional interior rear-view mirror suitable for use by the examiner

Specially adapted vehicles may be exempt from these requirements.

If your car does not comply with these regulations
your test will be cancelled
you may lose your fee.

In my car all this is taken care of and, of course, your instructor will attend the Test Centre with you.

Most Learners have at least an hour’s lesson with their Instructor immediately prior to the time of the test.

This allows the instructor to help calm the learner’s nerves, boost their confidence and allows them time to warm up and feel comfortable in the car.

The instructor will ensure that you arrive in good time, and will know if your Test Centre has a toilet ( allowing you to make a stop beforehand if necessary ).