I Had Lessons With This Instructor In Wakefield and Passed

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I Passed With McCormicks SOM

 Pass Plus Wakefield ~ Driving instructor Wakefield ~ Driving instructor    Wakefield ~ Driving instructor Wakefield ~ Driving instructor Pontefract

 Mark Sessum Eastmoor 1st Time Pass Cool , Chris Woods Lofthouse Gate 1st Time pass Cool

Stephen Lomas Eastmoor 1st Time Pass Cool ,   Michaela Scanlon Ryhill ,  Evonne Long Wakefield1st Time Pass Cool,

Daniel Hayton Outwood ,  Darren Gomersal Outwood ,  Mathew Lawn Lofthouse Gate ,   Janet Fascoine Stanley,

 Andrea Padgett Outwood 1st Time PassCool  ,    Tom Connerly Ossett 1st Time PassCool,  

Rebbecca McCormick Alverthorpe,   Wayne Crowcroft Eastmoor,      Kirsty Vayro Outwood,

Mitchell Batty Wrenthorpe  1st Time Pass Cool ,  Lisa Kelly Lupset 1st Time PassCool,

Mathew Harrison Outwood 1st Time PassCool,   Joanne Fascoine Stanley,    Ben Wilby, Outwood ,

Gemma Ferguson Stanley 1st Time Pass Cool ,  Alex Campbell Wrenthorpe 1st Time PassCool,

Tracy Thwaite Rothwell 1st Time PassCool ,  Leanne Foster  Stanley,   Stacy Robinson stanley,

Lucy Perkin, Wrenthorpe 1st Time passCool  , Nichola Glossop Wrenthorpe 1st Time PassCool,

Mel Mchale. Stanley,    Brendan Shepherd  Wakefield  1st Time PassCool ,  Marie Taylor  Stanley,

James Watson. Rothwell ,  Liz Earle. Durkar,   Andrew Wathen   Rothwell ,  Samantha Jameson  Outwood,

Kerry Topless. Stanley,    David Singer. Stanley ,  Charlotte White.  Stanley 1st Time PassCool,

Emma Kerfoot.  Stanley,   Ian Kelly.  Thorpe 1st Time PassCool,   Jessicca Barratt.  Rothwell,

A Dhunno. Leeds 1st Time PassCool ,  Jenny Banham.  Wakefield  , Daniel higginbottom. Rothwell ,

Sarah Churchill.  Stanley,   Peter Bishop.  Stanley ,  Charlotte Kennedy. Walton,

Scott Walker. Rothwell ,  Mandy Smith. Stanley ,  Daniel Hollick. Normanton,

Chris Perkin. Wrenthorpe 1st Time PassCool,   Ian Phelps. Altofts 1st Time PassCool,

Kimberley Haslam. Wrenthorpe ,  Adam Webster. Thorpe ,  Vicky Taylor. Stanley,

Danny Carhill. Altofts 1st Time PassCool ,  Gemma Castle. Stanley 1st Time PassCool,

Cherie Griffiths. Altofts ,  Ian Campbell. Stanley  ,  Tamala Scales. Pontefract,

Adam Robinson. Stanley,   Craig Wiggins. Wakefield ,  Gemma Dyas. Normanton,

Samantha Wood. Normanton,   Laura Gay. Ossett,    Amy vayro, Outwood ,  Nathan Howard, Alverthporpe ,

Thomas Mieskowski, Outwood 1st Time PassCool,   Jim Boyne, Stanley ,  Sally kennerly, Wrenthorpe,

Lyndsey Amber, Alverthorpe 1st Time PassCool ,  Kathrine Collins, Stanley ,   Nathan Howard, Alverthporpe,

Susan Kennerly, Wrenthorpe 1st Time PassCool,

Plus Many Many More


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Pass Plus Wakefield ~ Driving instructor Wakefield ~ Driving instructor    Wakefield ~ Driving instructor Wakefield ~ Driving instructor Pontefract

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